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Jollof Science trains and connects remote premium cybersecurity talent with companies all around the world

About Us

We train the top 1% in cybersecurity in Africa.

Our goal is admitting and training cybersecurity enthusiasts on a three month period through a highly selective process and then pairing these cybersecurity enthusiasts who are now entry level cybersecurity engineers with global companies in need of their services.



Applicant with basic knowledge and interest in Cybersecurity shall be selected from the pool of applications and will be screened.



Successful applicants will be exposed to an intensive 3 months program, within which we ensure they pass the required exams which shall be paid for



Successful applicants shall be matched with the firms hiring organizations to join their cybersecurity teams either full-time of part time


What we do



At Jollof Science, we accept the top 1% of hackers and security professionals who demonstrate grit, problem-solving ability, and learning velocity.



We match your team and project needs with high caliber individuals who are imbued with both the hard hacker skills and the soft people skills necessary to work as part of a high functioning, distributed team.



When Jollof Science engineers join your team, they operate as employees. Our engineers don’t work with other companies and they don’t operate on a project basis. We provide engineers with everything they need for their job—remotely and securely

How it works

For Engineers

1.	Sign Up for the Jollof Science Academy

1. Sign Up for the Jollof Science Academy

Fill as much details as you can when signing up.

2.	Get Assessed and Verified

2. Get Assessed and Verified

You will be invited to complete our assessment program, and sign your contract.

3.	Get Cybersecurity Training

3. Get Cybersecurity Training

We will put you through an intensive three-month cybersecurity training(You won’t join this if you are coming as an expert)

4.	Get Ethical Training

4. Get Ethical Training

You will receive an intensive ethical and compliance training which is required to join our workforce.

5.	Link to jobs

5. Link to jobs

We link you to companies all over the world where you get to work exclusively for them.

6.	Get paid bi monthly

6. Get paid bi monthly

Every two weeks Jollof Science automatically pays you.

How it works

For Companies

1.	Sign Up for the Jollof Science Security Program

1. Sign Up for the Jollof Science Security Program

Fill as much details as you can.

2.	Get Assessed

2. Get Assessed

You will be invited for a meeting where we assess your requirements and get as much details as we can.

3.	Match with Engineers

3. Match with Engineers

We supply the engineers to your organization.

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